Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today I wanted...

1. To be in the arms of my love
2. Go shopping for things I so desperately do not need.
3. Be in the company of my best friend, which I got:)
4. To be in complete and utter reality and gratitude of the blessings I have received. I got that as well.
5. For online Netflix to work in order for me to watch season 3 of...well it doesn't matter what of.
6. My cat to stop attacking my feet when I walk to the bathroom from my room. I swear she is trying to murder me.
7. Exercise to be "thinking out" instead of "working out"
8. Ice cream and chocolate to be calorie free
9. Being a friend to be a part time job with great pay and full benefits.
10. To see my sister
11. To have an on, off switch in my head.
12. To instantly know and speak German.
13. To show the world the truth about God. He is just so amazing.
14. My parents to know just how fantastic and selfless they are
15. Bruce Springsteen to quit releasing albums
16. Cable
17. Comfort to be a pill you can take
18. A live performance from Bon Iver on my back porch
29. Charity pickup to stop calling
20. My bottom tooth to quit shifting
21. World peace

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