Quick update

I am having writers block, even though in this past week my wallet has been stolen at school, I saw a man who looks like Coronal Mustard walking down the street, I exploded a whole bottle of Kombucha in the grocery store, and saw a women get hit by a car. It's been crazy to say the least.

We move back south in a couple weeks, and I am both sad and happy to leave. I have made some pretty great friends here, and now I have to leave once again. On the other hand, I can't wait to look at something other than storage boxes and Svens shirts before I go to bed.
Hamburg is lovely, don't get me wrong. I am just ready to start our new life, in our own place.

It is so amazing looking back, and seeing all that we have been through. God has brought us through once again, and from different trials we are growing both individually and together. I am so absolutely grateful for my wonderful husband and all that he has done for me.

School is great, everyone there is great. I love it and I couldn't ask for anything more. Although, I would like Andreas to lower his voice at times, because it is starting to give me migraines.

My other teacher resembles Gendalf the grey from Lord of the Rings. He has a voice that could shake a mountain, but he never smiles.

The third teacher is a freak of nature. I am not even sure how to describe him. He is very nice and patient, and in between his sentences he has about 20 variations of faces that he makes. Hi should be on Broadway or something.

I have to go but I will try to write more frequently. I have been busy, and that is not a problem for me. I love being busy right now:)

I would also like to describe the first sentence of my blog in detail, because all of those things that happened are definitely a story to tell.


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