Really clean sheets

Have you ever responded to someone and after the fact realize you should have said something else. You wish you could go back and change what you said and it consumes your mind. Well, this happened to me today upon a little excursion to the grocery store. Minding my own business most days hoping no one will speak to me because it usually catches me off guard and I am tongue tied, thinking in English and hoping it comes out German, I was approached today. A woman with her little baby were strolling in our neighborhood and she said something to me. Now looking back i believe I know what she said, but in my surprised state I simply said back to her in German. " I speak only a little German, I'm sorry."
Now looking back, I should have asked her to speak slower. I believe she was asking for directions to the Metro station, and just last week I learned how to give directions. How stupid I am. She looked shocked upon hearing what i said. She was either thinking two things The first, 'How on earth was the only person I asked in all of Hamburg unable to speak German.' Or the second, she didn't even ask me for directions but said something like, "Look out and don't get in my way." It's very likely it could have been the second, and I responded with "I don't speak very much German." Now thinking about it she looked pretty agitated but that could be because she was lost, or she wanted me out of her way. Truth is, I will never know. Truth is, I may have given a horrible name to Americans living in Hamburg. Truth is, I need to learn more German.

I believe our washing machine is kaputt (broken). I have been washing the same sheets over and over again, because our dryer and washer are in one. Trying to only dry the sheets, I end up washing them again and again. I know I am not stupid, but only that it's not working. Three day's later I am still on the same load.
Washing cycles here are ridiculously long as it stands, so this just makes it even worse. If you want to wash and dry your clothes the cycle runs for 4 hours. Not even kidding you. It's a good thing I have a lot of time on my hands.

I haven't seen the sun in about a week and it's getting to me. When I was younger I loved the rain and wanted to live somewhere it always rained, Now that I have that wish, what I would give for a day full of blue skies.

Now I must proceed to the floor, which is now my office and begin working on my Christmas presents.


Gina said…
Hi, I found your blog through the ex-pat blog website. It looks like some of your experiences mirror mine (I moved here a year ago from Canada). I'm way down in the south of Germany though. Good luck with everything!


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