"I'll have that to go please"

Downtown Hamburg all by myself. I did it. It took me the way to the grocery store to decide if I was just going to get my food and go home, or to pass by the Edeka(German grocery store) and continue down to the metro and be on my way downtown. By the time I got to the door I said to myself. "Just do it" Little did I know the Nike logo would flash before my eyes in such an indecisive moment.
The metro was not so bad. I knew exactly where to go. Jungferstieg.
As I awaited my exit I happened to catch a glance at myself in the reflection of the train window. I looked like I was about to die. I then tried to relax my eyebrows and just breath. What is the worst that could happen? No, don't think that. "Next stop Jungferstieg."
Ok here we go. I popped out from underground after almost getting lost in the underground metro station at the Europa passage (the mall). It took me awhile to find the exit out. Ok, I knew this place so I could always find my way back here if I were to get lost. In my survival bag I had my German to English dictionary, a cell phone, money, a gun, and a map. I was prepared.
I walked and I walked, for about half an hour. I had no idea where I was going, but there was no way I was going to stop and look at a map. I needed to look like a true Hamburger.
Soon, I was lost and wondering why exactly I wore these stupid shoes. The nervous sweet of my feet created a scientific reaction with the soles of my boots and I probably could of started a fire with that friction. But I had to keep going. If I could find the river, then I could find my way to the starbucks Lea and I were last weekend.

I finally found it after walking through a pretty desolate area that scared me a little bit.

Let me take a moment to describe the Downtown area. Walls of tall architecturally detailed carved buildings line the streets making you feel like you are apart of some old movie. The harbor is full of beautiful white swans and old fishing boats welcoming you with riverside benches to sit and enjoy an afternoon sipping your coffee. In each of the buildings first floor you have the shop of your choice stacked 10 stories high by apartments and businesses. Absolutely divine.

Finding the river then led me to the starbucks I had attempted to get a job at and I thought it a great idea to get my favorite drink today. A tall soy Chi Tea Latte. "Do I order in English or German?" I thought to myself.

I will try German. "Ein Chi Tee Latte bitte mit soje Milch"
She replies, "What size would you like that?"
Dang it, they know I am American.
I finish my order saying "I would like that to go please." Spoken like a true American being about the only one ordering my drink to go. I got a couple strange looks. The Germans like to sit and have a coffee for a bit, while Americans are always on the go. Typical American I am.

I finished my latte, now it was time to get to the grocery store buy some ingredients to attempt in making power bars via Alton Brown.

I always get off at Oesterstrasse. This time I got up from my seat way too soon before the metro train was stopped and the jolt forced me to take a seat on the lap of a fellow metro rider. "Entschuldigen!" (Excuse me!)
He looked disturbed.

It took me about an hour to not find the soy protein powder I was looking for. Seems that Americans are protein obsessed people, and for good reason in my opinion. I would have to substitute I guess. I did surprisingly find the Tofu. But unlike the recipe that called for silken Tofu, I could only find firm Tofu. Oh well.

Had I known earlier that this different texture in Tofu would make all the difference I would have planned on making sponges instead of delicious protein bars.

Next time I'll get it.

As for today my adventure will be attempting to start writing my book.


Anonymous said…
I love reading your blog! Your amazing! and...i get to hear about your day! Thanks! mom
Anonymous said…
I love my little hamburger!!! Keep on writing! mom

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