Popping corn and Women's clubs

Lately I've been at a standstill for crazy things happening. This weekend Christoph and I enjoyed our Sunday pretty much relaxing in bed, watching Alton Brown create delicious food making us hungry for Mango's and Pineapples. Not too exciting.
I always like to make something special for Christoph to come home to. Last night I made french style cheeseburgers and apple cobbler. It keeps him coming home:)

The other day I researched online "Americans in Hamburg" finding nothing but an Americans Women club of Hamburg. The pictures on the website proved themselves to be enjoying life here, but they were all older women who seemed to entertain themselves with knitting and book clubs. Don't get me wrong, I love knitting and books, but well I think you know what I mean. None the less I was willing to give it a shot. I made myself a member, but before I was to be a true member they would have to send me an acceptance letter. Yesterday, I got that letter. They told me thanks for the application but unfortunately I would have to pay a monthly fee to be involved. I replied. "Wow, that's stupid." I literally wrote that regretting it after I sent it. But really! Nothing like being welcoming to a young girl who just moved here. That's ok, I don't want to be in their stupid club anyways. I can start my own knitting club. By myself.
On that same subject, I also joined something called Expatblog.com. This website makes it possible to find people who are in the same situation looking to meet friends. Maybe I'll have some luck here.

So with no American friends to show me how things are done here in Hamburg, I will just have to journey alone.

Christoph and I are very happy here. Besides our bed being the most uncomfortable piece of furniture we have ever set our bodies on, we are satisfied with whatever God brings our way. But that bed, seriously. If I move from one position to the next, Christoph is bounced around like a little popcorn kernel making sleep very light for us. Light sleep is also known to make you dream more. I think I have dreamed more in this past month than I have in my entire life. Last night in my dream I was very late for a flight after being told my gate was on the other side of the mountains. There was no way I could make that trip in 15 min. This left me very agitated upon waking up. Christoph and I have agreed not to talk too much in the morning, or take things too personally being as we are both super crabby from the lack of sleep.

Today I am going to start making Christmas presents. I have such a great idea this year. Hopefully unlike my other attempts at making something from what I see in my head, this one will follow through. I can't tell you what it is though because most, well all of my viewers are family. Sorry.

Now, I will visit my good friend Billy Blanks so he can show me a thing or two about Tie Bo. He is always telling me to "keep going don't give up." But this only makes me want to punch him in the face. Too bad he is on my computer and that would only lead to me destroying my display screen. I hope I'm not going crazy talking about Billy Blanks as my friend.

Well, as Billy Blanks say's, "Everyone needs help, someone to pat you on the back and help you keep going. I'm going to be that for you right now."
Thanks Billy. You're a true fighter.


Anonymous said…
hey you, why don't you start your own "free american women's club" in Hamburg for young and free americans to get together? I think you would be good at that. You could meet once a week and go on adventures in exploring the city. mom
Mandi said…
Hey there, thanks for your message on Expatblogs.com -- welcome to Hamburg! There are a couple of good resources that I can recommend to you as a newcomer, if you haven't discovered them already yourself...

One is called Toytown Germany -- a website for English speakers in Germany, where you can post advertisements to sell stuff or to start (or find) a knitting club ;) or to find language lessons or an English-speaking massage therapist (like I did). You'll find pretty much everything on there. The Hamburg part of Toytown is here: http://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/index.php?showforum=92

If you're politically inclined and a Democrat, there is an active chapter of Democrats Abroad in Hamburg (and I imagine there could be something for Republicans too). If you register to receive your election ballots with a foreign address, it should prompt you to join.

Taking German classes is also a good idea and you'll meet other foreigners, which is great. Although, I never met an American during my whole year of classes at the Goethe Institute. Go figure.

I didn't meet another American in Hamburg until after I'd been here for at least six months, and even then, it was only here and there. And that is a pretty common experience, from what I've been able to gather from the Americans I do run into. While the expat community is other German cities seems to be pretty strong (Munich, Berlin), those in Hamburg seem to be pretty independent --which fits the city's personality pretty well, if you think about it.

Anyway, all that to say -- don't be discouraged! It takes time to settle in someplace, especially when the language is new. If you have specific questions you can shoot me an e-mail using this link: http://noapathyallowed.com/contact-me/

Otherwise, I wish you lots of luck and perhaps we can have our paths cross at some point!
Chelle63 said…
Hey we have a English Business hour on every first Wednesday of the month, most of the women there are American, we meet this Wednesday at the Christmas Market. Give me a shout if you would like to join us and meet other Americans.Other months its at the Kampanagel at Jahrestrasse.

Anonymous said…
Hey, it's probably a bit late but I think I can enlighten you about that club. It's not simply a club for American women to meet. It's a club for rich women to meet. They organize charity galas and golf tournaments and all that and provide scholarships to American universities. So there is lots of money behind those women which is why membership at their club only comes with paying a fee.

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