Tiny little sleeper

Excuse my absence. I was busy watching One Tree Hill attempting to stop after just one episode but that never works. It's the cheesiest show on earth, and at the end of each episode they put something horribly dramatic in leaving you wanting more. Like when Lucas finds out who really killed his uncle after thinking it was Jimmy, he asked some strange girl who somehow saw the whole thing happen, but for some reason didn't want to tell anyone because her mother feared for their lives. Shortly before that Lucas's pregnant best friend gets ran over by a car of a guy who her husband owed money to. Lucas was so distraught by seeing her he had a heart attack. Believe me when I say you aren't really missing out if you have not seen this show. Just don't start watching it because you may never be able to stop.

Hamburg oh Hamburg. What a lovely place. This past week I have been able to explore the big city some and it has proven itself a truly great place. After the initial shock of being here, we soon ventured out passed our little neighborhood and saw down town, the street where all of the rich important people live, we drove over this huge bridge, we have taken the metro everywhere. The metro is less intimidating than I thought and pretty straight forward. It's a great place to people watch although your watching becomes a bit awkward being the person sitting directly in front of you can easily catch you eyeing them. I have been caught a couple times. But the lady who was so obviously chowing down on a granola bar didn't catch me. She ate it as though it would be the first and last thing she would ever eat.

It's funny but I never thought Starbucks would be the place I felt most at home. Yes Starbucks. The smell, the look, the taste. Everything is identacle to any other Starbucks in the states. It's just you have to order your drink in a different language, and non-fat milk doesn't exist. It's just as expensive, just as trendy, and open to anyone who would like a delicious mixed drink of your choice. Upon my coffee shop experiences all over the world, I believe it to be true that there exists at least one homeless/crazy person per coffee place. I'm glad they can have a place to feel comfortable.

This past weekend my sister-in-law and I were downtown at a starbucks and I got this amazing idea. I could work at starbucks! I worked at one in the springs, and how hard would it be to learn all of the drinks in German. They were printed in English on the board, so I didn't even know if people ordered in German. I got up the courage and decided to give it a shot. The manager said he would give me a resume but he thinks I should know more German.
My second approach at a job was at a little place called American Apparel. Christoph heard from one of his co-workers that they hire English speaking people. We walked in shortly after the hopeless try at Starbucks and I don't think it could have gone any better. It's a good thing I was dressed up a little, because she took a picture of me and they/re sending it to LA to decide if my style fits the position. I may have a job people, and it's full time. No more One Tree Hill if so. This is an amazing opportunity. I will meet people, learn more German, and maybe get a discount on clothing! I am awaiting my phone call and if I don't get the job I have other ideas in mind.

No more sitting around for me. I am going to know this city like the back of my hand when I am through with it. Everyday I am going on a little adventure and everyday I will write about it. Even if that adventure causes me pain, or being really scared, or getting lost, or peeing my pants, or talking to strange poeple in German, or putting my food in another persons basket. Oh wait, that already happened. Who knows what will come my way. It can't be any scarier than what I experienced in Italy.

This is a picture of Christoph taking a little nap and his feet just wanted to stay put. I didn't know anyone could fall asleep this way. Marriage surprises you with something new everyday.

Oh and the other one is on my Geburtstag(birthday). Though your eyes may deceive you we are not drunk. Especially Christoph.


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