The grizzly bear and the sloth

This past year I have become a fan of Womens Health Magazine. Todays message to all of the women on earth who want to stay fit and healthy. Don't be a sloth. Sitting around may cause obesity, heart disease, and you are further prone to diabetes. Although this may be an exaggeration, I take it seriously. After all, most of my days include sitting down. So from now on, I will never sit. I am going to write emails standing up, sleep standing, eat standing, watch tv and movies standing. I am going to even do all of my yoga moves standing. I'll let you know how this goes. I am standing right now. I could go down in the book of world records as the girl who wouldn't sit.

On a more serious note. Last night my birthday present from my wonderful husband including two old records from Johnny Cash and Fleetwood Mac, was indeed executed. We went to see Grizzly Bear in concert. To most of you who don't know who or what that exactly is, it is not a giant grizzly bear on stage. Although that would be thoroughly entertaining in itself. No, Grizzly Bear is a very talented band and a what wonderful show they put on. It's really fascinating to see venues in Germany. I didn't really know what to expect, but besides everyone once again speaking a different language, it all looks almost identical to venues in the States. You have your band junkies. Everyone there is dressed in a way that just by looking at them you would know they are fans of Grizzly Bear and most every other indie band on earth. Slouchy beanies, tight pants, dark rimmed glasses. Nothing to tell others "This outfit fits me perfectly" but rather "I don't care how big these glasses look on my face or how uncomfortable my pants are, but I am trying to make a statement here."
Yes, even the bar tenders are the same as in the states. As there studded belts drag around there baggy ripped jeans purposefully missing the belt loops, there faces are fully loaded for battle with piercings, and chuck tailor is their shoe of choice. Not as many tattoos though. I filled that role I guess.

So that was yesterdays adventure, along with a lot of sitting watching Alton Brown make granola bars on Good Eats. Today, I am going to ride the metro down town and see what I find there. This may include getting lost, but it's a good thing I have my boy scout guide to get me back home safely. Oh, and a cell phone to call my personal travel guide, Christoph.

I'll make sure I listen to some Johnny Cash's live show in prison to get myself pumped up.

Hamburg here I come!

Oh and as for the picture. One of the things I miss most about my dad, is when he makes our dog Harley almost poop his...well I guess dogs don't wear pants, but rather poop my dads lap, when he holds harley up, growling at him like a bear. This then causes Harley to growl even louder and show his teeth like a seal with rabies. Oh how I miss these two:(


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