Giddy up little baby!

The other night I made beans for dinner. I hear that beans are good for you, especially for being pregnant. They are filled with protein and fiber, enough to make a person regular and satisfied if beans was all they ate. I also made a delicious bean soup at the beginning of my pregnancy. I actually made about 3 gallons of this soup, thinking we could freeze it and eat it later. Come to find out, I can only eat things once and then I am disgusted by it except for grilled cheese, eggs and mayonnaise, and fresh cherries. So I made this wonderful bean filled chicken vegetable soup that I later that night put in a huge Tupperware and froze for later. Over a month went by and every time I opened the freezer that Tupperware full of disgusting looking soup haunted me. We have been trying to save some money too and having some leftovers would definitely save some cash. Finally I got myself to put it in the fridge in order for it to thaw for the next day. A couple weeks went by of evening dinners consisting of grilled cheese or egg sandwiches washed down with milk...mmmm, and the soup had still not been eaten. By this time I knew it was not edible, and if indeed eaten would cause me to projectile vomit and not because I am pregnant.

Now we are back to the other night when I made beans. That night I had to throw out this large container of soup, and if you have ever thrown soup out you know it is more than difficult. It's not like any other leftover that goes bad where you can just either throw all of it down the drain or in the trash. No, you have to separate it. I don't have a disposal you see. Actually having a disposal is illegal in Germany because your old food will eventually go to feeding the rats that live in the sewers. I wonder if the police here would actually arrest you if they found out you had a disposal. I can't imagine anything more ridiculous, but knowing the Germans it is possible for such a thing to happen. Now, having experience on the no disposal factor, I have gotten used to throwing all of my food into a bio bag and having it smell to high heaven in my kitchen until thrown out. I am going to go on one more tangent before I get to the point of the story.
On this particular day when I threw out the bean soup and made other beans, I had the urge to clean our entire apartment from head to toe. It took me a good four hours, but since I felt like cleaning for the first time since I have been pregnant I thought I had better take this opportunity. I cleaned out the fridge, the pantry, the cabinets, and even dusted the vacuum machine.
Ok now back to the beans. I just wanted to sound good by telling you that I cleaned so you would be proud of me.
Christoph got home that night around 7:00, and we sat down for a nice bean dinner. Now, we have been having beans a lot and I think this raised some concern in Christoph. He looked at me and said..."Did you know that if you eat too many beans while being pregnant our child with have hooves?" I replied, "No I didn't, that's so awful, I have never heard that. Oh No!" Now I was really frightened. I thought back to all of the bean dinners we had had, and even the bean soup I had just thrown out. I started to get really paranoid. Christoph continued to say. "Yup, then we will have to name it "Chalf" because it will be half child and half calf. Ha ha ha ha ha he he he ah ha ha!"

Chalf Chalf Chalf....Oh this is not good, not good at all......I immediately imagined our child born looking that something of a retarded centaur. Poor Chalf. I will still love it.

I woke up and it was about 3 in the morning. Have you ever had one of those dreams where you woke up and realized what you dreamed and laughed so hard and thought, 'I have to remember that in the morning.'
That's what happened here. The dream started at the bean dinner...I really did clean the apartment and throw out that nasty soup with only throwing up once.

I have been laughing about this dream and how rediculous it was for the past couple days. Where in the world did I come up with something like that in my head?

Here's to Children with hooves and bean soup.


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