The little things that make you go crazy

There's something about seeing an ant floating in a pool on its back, struggling for life that you just can't help but feel sorry for it. When I was little, wherever I would walk I would particularly pay attention to not stepping on and killing ants. I don't know what it is about ants more than any other bugs that you just want to let them be, building little ant hills, making the queen happy. Maybe it's because their so cute, and maybe I think their so cute because of the movie A Bugs Life. I'm not really sure. I'm also not really sure why I am telling you this. Sometimes in my pregnancy as I'm sure many other women feel, like I am high on the little things, just enjoying life. Then you have someone like your husband who comes along and takes something very special from you and all of the sudden your life is over.

Let me explain. The other day I went to a decorations fair for store owners with my mother-in-law Hannah. Christophs mom and I ventured to Munich to take a look at the halls packed with gadgets and gizmo's a plenty, and found some very wonderful things for the store and also for an event I am running in October. Anyways, on our way there we stopped and went to the bathroom at some rest stop off of the autobahn. I later after going to bathroom searched for a delicious cold beverage and discovered something wonderful. A Nescafe Ice cold Caramel Macchiatto. I hadn't had or found something as wonderful as this since I lived in the states. This particular day it was about 30 degrees C out, which is about 95 F and an ice cold coffee drink was just the thing to wet my thirsts appetite. So we both got one, Christoph's mom not so sure of this new thing she had never heard of before. She absolutely loved it by the way, and within seconds our 2,50 Euro tiny little European sized sips of coffee had disappeared into our not quite satisfied bellies. I think at the very moment we finished them we both had the same thought. We wanted another. It was planned, we would get another on the way home later on that day. I have never seen anything so cute as to seeing my mother-in-law enjoy such a thing as a cold American coffee drink.

After much walking and decision making, we were on our way home and the Nescafe coffee drink had probably not left our minds the entire day. First stop, gas station. I went to the bathroom and by the time I got out Hannah had already bought me another along with a delicious ice cream bar. This is where the disappointment started. It was warm. And if you have ever tasted a warm nescafe caramel macchiato, you know that it is NOT very good. I was upset, but I decided with much self control in not gulping that whole thing down right then and there that I would wait it out, put it in the fridge when I got home and have it the next day. At least I had the ice cream bar to distract me. I did that very thing, and after setting it on the shelf very proudly, thinking of how wonderful it would be after a cold night in the fridge I quietly uttered to myself as my smile turned to a scowl...'If Christoph drinks that'.....I won't tell you the rest of my though process.

Later that night Christoph and I were at home getting our stuff together to go swimming at his parents pool. I was standing at the kitchen counter talking with Christoph about something funny, I don't remember what it was, but as we were talking he opened the fridge, took my Nescafe coffee out, opened it and before he got it to his lips I yelled at the top of my lungs something I will not repeat and you can imagine what happened from there. CHristoph was only laughing at me as he was threatening to drink it as I was screaming and yelling trying to grab it out of his hand. I was out of control at this point thinking to myself, 'I must look like a crazy person...I think I am a crazy person but I don't care, I want that coffee drink'. He got a kick out of it, but little did he know how much that little coffee drink meant to me. I was enraged by now and seeing that he finally realized he had better put it back in the fridge and I am sipping it at this very moment of writing to you, savoring every ice cold gulp of sheer tongue delight. I bet you go buy one right now.

Later that night we go to his parents place where of coarse Hannah had done the exact same thing and put hers in her fridge. Christoph, just like a little boy opens the fridge to see what he can find and immediately takes out her little coffee drink and proceeds to guzzle it down. I start yelling at him again, and Hannah walks in and says, "Oh, it's ok if he has it." It her German little accent. I felt like a selfish fool after that. I'm sure she is used to giving up food she has saved for herself raising four boys who raid the fridge every time they come home, even to this day. I guess I have a lot of patience and selflessness to learn. After all, I could have just bought another one the next day. I guess to me, growing up and having my dad eat all of the cookie dough I had prepared for an event later on that week had left me scarred with wanting to protect my food at all costs. I was always putting labels on my food living at home, "Dad, if you eat this I will eat you."


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