Just another day

Looks like I brought my bad accident streak to Germany with me. Since I've been eighteen or so I have been in 4 car accidents, 2 of which I wasn't even in the car. One was in a round-a-bout....I could poop on round-a-bouts I hate them so much. One was a silly 16 yr old girl who ran a stop sign and t-boned me which still remains the worst one. And the final little dilly dally was yesterday of coarse when Christoph was out of town, in downtown Gerstetten. When I say downtown Gerstetten, I mean a 200 foot stretch with a couple stores along the way. This little village is where Christoph grew up, and all five minutes I was there, someone sought out my exact car just to hit. All I wanted to do was get some money so I could get some delicious bread and go home to make myself a delicious sandwich. This is what happened instead.

I parked rather close behind some car,thinking maybe I should back off a little, but I was in too big of a hurry to go to the bank that I shrugged it off and continued on my way. Gerstetten is such a small town, that I happened to call my sister-in-law to ask her where the bank was. She told me she was actually just around the corner, so we met up and she drove her car up to mine so we could leave together to find the bank. You would think I could find a bank in such a small town. As I am walking up to my car this man starts talking to me in a really thick Swabian accent (This could be compared to a really thick southern accent but the German version). I've never been a fan of strange people coming up to me and talking to me for many reasons and I think you already know that. I am a magnet for that though, and obviously this guy I couldn't avoid. He was a larger man with white hair, tiny little glasses and wore a flannel red shirt with blue jeans. I could at least understood the part where he asked me if this car belonged to me and I couldn't help but notice that part of his teeth were gone. That would later on distract me from understanding at all what he was saying. I answered "yes that's my car", and he pointed his thick farmer finger in the direction of the front of my car and I followed it with a deep pit forming in my stomach. Did I do that? I can't understand this guy! Oh no, Christoph will be so mad at me, I thought to myself. But as I listened carefully I came to the realization that hillbilly man hit me, and all that had its last breath was our license plate. He picked it up off the ground, still talking, me in my own little world as he was trying his hardest to bend the plate to it's original shape and obviously failing. My sister-in-law pulled up a second later and helped me in communicating with this guy, having a hard time herself understanding him. He was most likely one of these German guys who has never left the general area in his entire life. He was very nice though and of coarse offered to pay for the damages which was probably a total of 10 Euros. Turns out he ended up living across the street from the Gruener business, but the Grueners had never even met him before. Small world.

This then lead to me hanging out with my sister in law the whole day having a great time while my car got fixed. Turned out to be a good day, and I finished it off with a couple episodes of Leave it to Beaver then went to bed. Thankfully the last night without Christoph.


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