Treasure hunting

Belly buttons. Everyone has one, and every one's is different from the next persons. One thing I learned becoming pregnant was that my belly button does not connect to my baby's belly button from the inside. For some reason I have always thought that, but come to figure out, my belly button is my own and nothing is connected to it besides my body.
Along with my emotions, my husband, my cat, and just life, my belly button has also undergone some extreme changes. Before I started showing I could not imagine myself with a belly the size of a pumpkin hanging in front of me. Now I can't imagine myself without it. Curious as to what my belly button would end up looking like, scared that it might just pop out at any moment, I have to say that almost every month it has changed in some little way. At about 4 months of pregnancy, when i first started showing it became obvious to me that my belly button was turning inside out, which at first was very frightening but soon became a curious thought as to what the bottom of my belly button might look like. You are probably thinking, how in the world can this story amount to anything worth reading. Well, if your curious like me, it may be worth your time to hear what my little belly button has been hiding for the past who knows how long.

At months five and six of pregnancy my interpretation of my belly button was me pressing my lips together and squinting my eyes imitating the small opening of a balloon and telling Christoph...."This is what it looks like" as I was making the face and made a slight grunting noise. My interpretation of prego belly button is now hard to mimic as it is almost flat and protruding slightly. One day when the end of my belly button was in clear view, I found a little treasure and had I been a clam and not a human I would have found myself a beautiful pearl. Low and behold a tiny little pebble. Perhaps a rock or a large grain of sand had lodged itself in my belly button, never to be found until this day. The reason I knew it has been there for quite some time was simply this. It had become apart of my body, meaning my skin had grown and formed around it. I first examined it carefully, amazed by this rare occurrence and then pulled it from the place it had called home for a very long time. Not only was it weird, but it was ten times better than pulling out something from your teeth that had been stuck for years. Relieving to say the least.

After removing the pebble I discovered there is now a permanent indentation of that little pebble only to be seen when I am fully baby loaded. It was exciting to find such a diamond in the rough, but now my Indiana Jones days are over and treasure hunting will soon turn from finding belly button rocks to searching and destroying poopy diapers. I literally can't wait to meet my little poop maker. I love my life.


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