Rusty writing, rusty nails

It seems like forever since I have posted a blog. Maybe because it has been forever. I love writing, and I don't know where the time has gone. It's unfortunate to have forgotten about this lost love of mine. Favorably I would prefer to drop something else in my life in order to have more time to write, but that is just not possible at this moment. If i could pick something it would probably be cleaning. God, Elliot and Christoph are the priorities in my life right now. It's hard to imagine what life was like without those three amazing guys. I don't want to. I feel like I am the most blessed woman in the world at this point in my life, and each day gets even better than the last. I often ask myself how life would be different had we stayed in Germany. I think it would be just that...different. We miss things about Germany, mostly family and friends we left there, but we know this is where we are and where we should be. I have learned so many things the past couple of years. I have learned that being a mother is not about being perfect, but rather willing to make mistakes. I have learned that being a wife is not about winning, but rather willing to look at how I need to change. I have learned that people don't like being asked so many questions about how they think their hair should look; just cut my hair already. I have learned that I know how to write and compose songs. I have learned that I am more selfish than I ever thought possible. I have learned that sleep is one of the most valuable things to a wife and mother. So, you see I have learned many things. But the most important thing I have recently learned is that if I am not willing to surrender my life to God, I cannot learn much. Alright, enough about me. I know what you really want to hear is what Elliott is up to these days. To put it bluntly he is up to a lot along with pooping, sleeping, and eating. By now I'm sure you assumed he is walking. Talking is getting there. He likes to say, "hot" and "light." I can pick up a few words that I am guessing are a mixture of English and German. Separating the two comes with time. I actually like the language he speaks right now. I think it should become a set language for people to learn, oh wait it is, it's called Dutch. No, really. I am pretty sure my son is fluent in Dutch right now. Daily our schedule is pretty non eventful. We wake, eat, play, sleep, eat again, play again, sleep again, poop, eat, play, sleep. That's our life right now, which I am thoroughly enjoying. By nights after Elliott is sleeping I am either hang in out with Christoph, working, recording music, or sleeping. It depends on the week. So, there is the best update I have time for right now. I have about fifteen minutes before elliott wakes, to clean the house, and then we will head off to get the second rusty nail this month patched on our tire. I love the tire place waiting room. It' s so cosy. Oh, and we are under contract on a new house. My dream house. It's lovely and I can't wait to move in!


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