Back again!

I heard recently that your seventh year of marriage is the hardest. Well, Christoph and I are currently in our seventh year of marriage and thought it would be a good idea to move back to Germany! We've always had the best timing for things. Most of you know we have taken another dramatic turn in our lives. For those of you who don't...we are indeed, moving back to Germany. I know. What? I can't really believe it myself. It hasn't really hit me yet. All I know is the past month I have once again been preparing our family for another move across the world. It seems like I have lost touch with my blog the last five years. There's something about living in the states that never made it as exciting to blog. Not that my life isn't exciting, just normal. It could also be the fact that my biggest adventures for the day are making a little trip to the grocery store, or going barre class at the gym and speaking english throughout it all. Yes, thrilling. Mostly, it's been the fact that trying to make time to blog with a child under five always felt overwhelming. On top of that - writing music, cleaning, making meals, preparing for a weekend full of doing hair, and playing shows here and there until 2 am. Goes to say, blogging has taken last priority the last five years and I've been totally fine with that. Now, it's time to start again, cuz things are about to get CRAZY!


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