Once again here I am returning with the speedo man

Just a forewarning...I still have yet to figure the layout of my blog. It will seem as though my paragraphs run together and I randomly start a new subject. It's not the case, I just haven't figured out how to start a new paragraph. Hang in there with me while I get it figured out ;) Here I am once again, returning to my blog for the first time in years. To my surprise, I am still receiving about 300 views per month on here. I don't know exactly how that is happening, but I'll take it! Someone very special recently encouraged me to start writing again. It took some time to think it over, but I came to the conclusion that perhaps someone could learn from my mistakes about living abroad, managing children and husbands, being a musician, emotional breakdowns, and what to do when it comes to life in general. I now know that if even God doesn't hold me to a standard of perfection and never failing, then neither should I. We can all learn from one another, so journey with me again and have a little laugh at the silly things I do in life while living in the Fatherland. I've now gotten past the culture shock as well as the reality shock that I do in fact live here. Now that I am even more familiar with culture, I do so desire to understand it. I'm not quite there yet. I am a person who rarely opens up. I used to be the opposite. I would open up to just about anyone. Living in Germany has taught me to be more closed off. Aloof. When I was a hairstylist, my job became an exchange of counseling sessions for both myself and my clients. Some of my most meaningful conversations have been when there was someone sitting in my salon chair. Unfortunately, after a few semi traumatic events in my life, I have locked up my heart and thrown away the key which has made opening up for me a thing of the past. After my quarter life crisis and my one-third life crisis, I've decided to open up again while accepting the fact that my face is wilting, along with my days, and asked myself many questions, (many times) "what will I do with my life?" I still don't know, but this is a start. To catch all of you up if you are a returning customer, my son is turning 7 next week, my husband is old and so am I. 2017 was the year I turned 30, and it's surprisingly worse than I thought it would be. Not the part of turning 30, but the events surrounding this dreaded number for every 29 year old. I'm not going to go in depth with these events, but I will go in depth my heart (even though this is terrifying to me) to hopefully offer encouragement and laughter to those who might be going through some of the same things. It is a confusing time in life for women and our world in general. Visiting the states has had it's culture shocks for me, especially seeing how divided you all are. It makes me sad, but I'm also not surprised. I'll get into that at some point without getting super political. Here are some pictures of our family. We look so happy. We are mostly happy, but I'm not a fan of sugar coating, even though I am American. So I'll give you one good picture, one real picture depicting the struggles of pregnancy, and one of a guy in a speedo i took while visiting the local pool, encouraging Germans and europeans in general to stop wearing them. Thanks for visiting or returning.


Mickey Althouse said…
Hey Hillary! I am looking forward to your blog. I am glad you decided to return to it. I enjoy your style as well as your heart to be of help to others. God bless!

Much love,


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