Current Events

I think it's about time to update all of you on the happenings of the current events. I arrived here in Deutschland about 5 days ago, and so far it has been the best 5 days of my life. I am so excited, and so ready to be married. I couldn't be happier.

Now as for the events. We went biking yesterday. After throwing a fit to Christoph that there was no way I would be wearing a helmet that would make my head look like an orange on a toothpick, we soon ventured out on our 2 hour journey through the forest. I can't even describe how beautiful it is here. So simple and fresh. The scent of the beginning fall days were filling our lungs as we sped by the local Germans, the goats, the angus, the ducks, swans.....and so on. Farmers are tending to their sheep, and livestock. It is a zoo out here. I can't believe how many living creatures are dispersed along the Swabian hills. We came across a couple of goats, so of coarse I had to stop and try and feed them through the fence. This was so much fun until one growled at me for trying to touch his horns. I was done after that.

So all in all, it's breathtaking and I can't even believe I am living here now, and am going to be for the next who knows how long.

My parents are coming here in exactly a week. So it will be then that the Germans and the Americans finally meet face to face. Oh how I wish I could just video tape the entire thing. It will be entertaining to say the least. Christoph and I are in eager expectation of what's to come. I have a feeling they are going to get along just fine. Our parents are pretty much the same. It's like one side is a red delicious apple, and the other is a gala apple. They are both apples, and both delicious, but they taste different, and come from completely different places. But all in all they are still apples, and staying in the same bowl will be no problem at all. How do you like them apples?

I would love to write more, but there are potatoes to be boiled, and colliflower to be washed. There is pretending I am living in the 1940's and walking through the forest. Passing the old lumber houses, and farms. It's not hard to try and imagine because of all of the old houses, and simple lives, cooking your own food. Then you get into the city, and you remember you are in the modern world again.

One time Christoph said he was head over toe in love with me, thinking this was the expression. I prefer this much better than head over heels. It's so much more personal.


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