It's not just a Mitsubishi

I would like to tell you all of a wonderful story that involves cars, Transformers, a guy, and best friends.

I know this has nothing to do with the wedding or Germany, but it's a funny story none the less and has to be told.

About 2 months ago after I came home to Colorado, my best friend and I driving in my car, downtown, windows gaping, the summer wind blowing our hair. Now you have the picture. Let me reverse in time for a split second.

Transformers has been one of our favorite movies to see together. After we saw the first one, we came out of the theatre feeling like little boys, naming our cars Hiloptus Prime and Jestumble Bee...something like that. We were pretty excited to say the least. We never did get Transformer stickers for our car....then the secret would be out and we couldn't have that. No one could know of our new obsession.

Now that you know that information let me continue my story. So we are driving down Pikes Peak Avenue in Colorado Springs. Wind in hair, so on. We come to a stop light, and we're laughing about something irrelevant and probably something only the two of us find funny. Then we audibly hear a car drive up next to us(must have been the double diesel special engine that only Japanese cars carry.) Up high in our 1998 Ford Explorer we look to the left to find a bit of a treasure. There was a guy in his silver, souped up, low rider Mitsubishi. Little decals of black on the side, an oversized spoiler, and blinding rims. Now, when I think of a Mitsubishi, especially one that is souped up, a couple things come to mind in regards to what this person is trying to do. Actually just one thing. "This will impress the ladies for sure."

Here we are....diamond in the ruff. My best friend and I have always loved interacting with different people, and making them think a little bit. She is especially good at this. So we decided to ask him a little question. She leaned a bit over me, and politely asked him to roll down his window. He looks over, smirks, and said... "yes"
"Yeah hi, I was just wondering....Is your car a Transformer or is it JUST a Mitsubishi?"
He replies arrogantly, "Uhhhh...It's not JUST a Mitsubishi"
"Oh so it's JUST a Mitsubishi, ok then thanks for your time"
He tried to say something else "Can I have your num.....", but our window was already well on its way up. Away we drove, and continued on our way to the movies or something.
I know we may be the only one's who think this is funny, but funny it is, and I thought maybe you would delight in it. I think we proved our point.

I love you best friend, and I miss you.


Jesie said…
wonderful. just wonderful. I remember that day like it was just yesterday. i love you and miss you

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