My friends and family. I believe it is time for an update. Unfortunately nothing really crazy or embarrassing happened on our honeymoon. But even if something did, I don't think anything can now compare to what happened with Mr. Rogers and I. That is just in a league of it's own.
Following what seemed to be the longest plane ride in my life, we continued our new journey the beautiful mountains of Southern Germany. Not to talk down the Rockies, but these mountains are just one of a kind. There is something to be said about farmers tending to their sheep and cattle beneath the silky fog that melts over the green rolling hills. Darling old German houses that have been there for decades and are kept so neat and clean. The smell of the sweet dew after a falls rain. Manure. There is just nothing like it and what a better place to spend part of your honeymoon. The place we stayed is called the "Hubertus." A simple, old yellow hotel that overlooks the German Alps, and welcomes all of it's visitors a warm feeling of comfort and simplicity. I've never seen such a place, and I have never tasted such food. I think my favorite thing among the five coarse dinners was the squash saffron cappuccino soup. It literally had foam milk on the top. Real quality stuff my friends. And to top that off, they had ice cream that was out of this world. So after a delicious meal you could then decide to go to the heated pool, or mosey on over to get a massage. Maybe you felt like a work out, so they had a place for you there even. It was wonderful. We had a bath tub in the middle of the room! Blissful, exquisite, and all I had imagined a honeymoon should be. So three nights would do it for that before we headed home to pack for our next more tropical honeymoon in Mallorca. I'll write more about that later though. I have to now go pack, because tomorrow we are off to Hamburg!
Auf Wiedersehen!


Anonymous said…
We love you and the Hands are enjoying your blog..we're at Grandpa's 80th birthday party!

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