Prison tattoo's and motor boats


It took me a couple weeks to muster up the courage to go. My family was all there, sister, brother, his wife, my parents. We were finally all together and on our way to Germany. I will start this story in the pre airport airport.
I was sitting just adjacent to a very familiar looking woman in the hall of the pre airport airport. I had never seen her before, yet she seemed sad and perhaps her familiarity came because I was feeling a bit despondent myself. She was an older woman probably in her 40's. Blonde hair that she probably bleached herself. Her strong frame was well dressed in an affordable taste, accessorizing with marked down Norstrom shoes and a colorful scarf. She was not any different from your average divorced, middle income woman who's hobbies include lifting weights, getting drunk with her other divorcee friends on the weekends in a club full of people half their age, and getting ready to go to a career boot camp followed by a yoga boot camp. I was interested in her, and so having no idea why, I found my way over to talk to her. Even though I already knew everything about her I let her say all that she needed to say.
She was very polite. She told me all about herself. She was indeed divorced, and had two kids who lived with her ex, and their father. It took her 15 years to realize she was not happy with her life and so she divorced and is now even more depressed than ever. I felt so sorry for this woman. She was unintentionally broken from a life of self hatred and deprivation of a healthy marriage.
Our plane was soon leaving from the airport, so we needed to head from the pre airport airport to the actual airport. Not knowing what was to come next I decided I liked this woman so I told her she was wlecome to accompany my family and I as we made our way up the spiraling escalator.
After losing my parents, brother and his wife on the way up, my sister and I decided to travel alone with this woman, so we made our way to the real airport knowing we would meet the others later before the plane left. I was feeling very uneasy at this time, and rightfully so. First of all, why are we all here I wondered. Secondly, I had to go to the bathroom. Lastly, I looked over to the woman who was traveling with us and she instantly turned into a black woman. But for some reason I was ok with this and we continued on our way.
We came upon a giant lake that was awfully dirty and smelled of rotting flesh. It had trash on the first layer, covering the second layer of cloudy green slime and amputated limbs. What the?
My tiny little sister knew exactly what to do, so obviously trusting that we followed her into a rusty old motor boat that was intended to transport people from the pre airport airport to the real airport. I had a strong desire to cross the lake really fast so I could get some food. I was starving! I explained this to my sister as she rolled up her sleeves revealing two arms full of prison tattoos. Her pattin leather pants went very nicely with her skull ink I thought to myself, but since when is my sister a prison bad ass?
I looked over my shoulder after climbing in to see my sister using her giant arm muscles to start the boat engine. Brown gasoline scented clouds surged out from underneath the stern. This was getting pretty creepy now, and more importantly who was this sister of mine, and how does she know how the drive a boat?
The engine finally started and we headed straight forward to the other side of the lake.
Faster and faster we went. I was getting hungrier and hungrier. The black lady wouldn't shut up now, and her mouth was becoming a burden. I ignored her most of the boat ride, and it's a good thing I did because I was more paying attention to the way ahead of us. "Look out!" I yelled to my sister.
She quickly turned the boats steering device, avoiding a collision with a blurred out %%@&*(%, causing us all to take a frightening dive into the dark nasty water. What was that? I had no idea, and my mind couldn't even comprehend what it was. We were soaked to the bone. This was instantly funny to me. How silly, I thought to myself. What an adventure. I will be blogging about this for sure. I was laughing really hard now.

"Hillary! Hillary! What are you laughing about?" Christoph says.

5am or so. I reply "Hmmshd dihd ddjijij" Words would not come out. I couldn't explain what was so funny, all I knew is that I loved this dream and I wanted to finish it.

Fell asleep again.

Thankfully the shore was not too far off. We departed from the lake of horror that reminded me of the lake in the last Harry Potter movie I saw, and continued our way to the airport.
The food market was were we entered, and I could not wait to eat. My dad came up to us and asked us why we were all wet? I looked over at my sister and he said, "Oh I see."
I guess he knew that my sister was not the best boat driver.?????
I looked down at my dads food he had in his hand, and he reluctantly offered me one of his crackers. This made me so angry because he knew I was gluten intolerant and that I loved these little cheesy delights. How could he be so insensitive.
We left him, and accompanied with my new annoying black lady friend we went to go search for a salad.
We ate, but I was not satisfied at all. The leafy greens even in dreams don't do it for me.
We went over by where my dad was, and he was speaking fluent German to some German woman. That was strange. I didn't know my dad spoke such amazing German.

Woke up. "Whoa, I had such a weird dream"

"I guess so, you were laughing really hard early this morning."

I love dreams, and I have the craziest ones! It's funny because little details in my dreams play out what I am actually feeling at the time.
I woke up really having to pee. I also was very hungry, and I wish I really did have a black lady friend.
My dad often forgets I am gluten intolerant. I find escalators scary because I always imagine myself getting sucked in by my clothes. I have an amputated limb phobia. I was getting jealous of my dad when I found out he spoke better German than me, and I love cheesy crackers.
The only part I cannot explain is the divorced woman, and the fact that my sister looked like a prisoner.


Anonymous said…
Your sister does have amazing biceps! mom!!

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