Apples galore!

Be where you are. Someone very wise once told me this.
To understand the depth of this way of life is a day to day struggle. Once you leave something you thought was not what you wanted, you look back to realize it was not so bad. To stop looking back you have to realize where you are now, and be there. God wants us to live in the present. To not worry about the future nor look back and wish we were there again.

Do I miss life in the states? Everyday.
I miss my family, my friends, my cat, my church. Almost everything. But where am I now? I am here. I love it here. If I were still in the states it would mean I would not have the wonderful husband I now have been so graciously blessed with. I would not know what bread should really smell like. I would not know how to say, "I love you" in a different language. I would not have learned that I cannot rely on anything but God when all seems hopeless and meaningless.
I am here, and I am so glad I am here. It has been nothing but a beautiful challenge that is meant to shape and mold me into who I am today. Today I am happy, and I can find joy because I know God has me exactly where He wants me. Helpless in myself, and hopeful in Him. Surrendered.

Friday we drove eight hours to southern Germany to help out in the annual Christmas exhibition for the Gruener company. One of those eight hours was spent in line at McDonalds, and unintentionally driving down the wrong autobahn. McDonalds was a prime time for people watching. Not to much different from the McDonalds in the states, it brought a sense of childhood back to my mind. I looked to my left and there was a little boy wearing True Religion jeans with flowers on the pockets, clinging to the leg of his father yelling, "I want my chicken!" To my right were construction men devouring their cheeseburgers, observing the backside of every woman that walked by. Straight ahead the girl behind the counter was flustered with the long line and kept walking back and forth not really accomplishing much. I on the other hand was content sitting on my stool watching people take a break from their lives to eat a greasy cheeseburger.

Arriving at almost twelve o clock exactly we hurried to bed to get some sleep before the craziness began. I really had no idea what to expect from this weekend as it was my first time doing such a thing. To everyone else, it was the same old thing done in appreciation for all of the business the clients have provided for us. I must say I am amazed at the preparation, and the creativity that was put into such an event. My brother in law Phillip spent his last couple weeks making about 72 drawers out of about 12 different kinds of wood. The dressers they created were a beautiful work of craftsmanship, given names such as "Rudolf" and "Jakob."

A Swebian man who was a professional apple taster sat all day tasting people's apples, brought from their backyard apple trees to find out just what kind of apple they had. Apples were everywhere. I probably ate more apple this past weekend than I ever have at one given time.

Real trees were cut off to look like they were growing out of the factory's floor. Table's were set up for people to sit down and enjoy some appetizers and cappuchino's. This was where I was stationed the duration of the time. I made many cappuchino's and liverwurst covered bread slices. Ewe. Not my choice food.

I spoke German most of the time. I probably spoke some pretty silly, offensive and horribly executed German. But that's ok. I have to start somewhere. I met a couple dentists, goldsmiths, doctors, family friends, all of which were clients of the Grueners.

It was truly a wonderful time that only brought a personal and caring touch to the business. You can really tell that the business is not only a professional and mastered one, it is all brought together by the creativity and freedom of everyone involved. I enjoyed myself very much.

We were then sent home with a basket full of apples that will last probably only a week for someone like me, and an arrangement of food that my mother in law always gives to us at every departure.

I have attached some pictures of the event to give you more of an idea. I am so proud of the family I married in to.

Yesterday I was in such a foul mood. Poor Christoph woke up to a monster ready to eat him. Strangely enough the only thing that really cheered me up after Christoph attempting the whole day to cheer me up, was him letting me flat iron his hair. We are also thinking about getting a dog to keep me company. The only dog that we both like, because we both aren't huge fans of dogs, are Irish red setters. They are beautiful, but expensive. We will see. I made Christoph watch Marley and Me to make him want to get one more. I think it made him want one less.


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