Priceless life

23.93 Euro-Edeka grocery store

Banana's, apple's, carrots, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter, cheese, milk, eggs, rice cakes, rice, Hella Wellness mango drink, chips, flour. To keep us from going hungry and to fill my day with one of my favorite things to do. Cook.

15,30 Euro-Apoteka (Pharmacy)

Mascara for my eyelashes. Cat food for my cat coming tomorrow. Toilet paper for you know what. Carpet cleaner to clean up the coffee I spilled everywhere. Tea light candles to light up the kitchen every evening for dinner. Marzipan balls for Christoph's little pre Christmas present. Cheap windex to smudge the mirrors.

31,00 Euro-monthly metro/bus pass

To go downtown, To listen to the two homeless santa clause guys serenade me on the train, I payed them one Euro for one minute of a horrible version of Felice Navidad. To go see my friend on the other side of Hamburg, eat junk food all night and cry a little bit together. Read at starbucks to feel at home for an hour. Benni and Lea's to play the train game and watch the guys make us dinner. The Christmas market to drink hard apple cider and meet some Canadians. To pass by the homeless man singing on the curb with his dog. To try and get a job at American Apparel. To look at the beautiful Christmas lights reflect off of the harbor. Benni and Lea's again to accidentally scare Lea by saying we were someone else at the door. To go to my favorite coffee shop ever, occupied only with ancient couches and dim lights. Down the Sternschanse Strasse to look at all of the independent clothing designer stores. To go see concerts, then take a taxi home because riding the metro late at night you might get mugged by Turkish punks. To have awkward conversations with 3 drunk guys trying to speak English to me. To smile at people downtown and have them give me a strange look. To be held by my husband alongside the Harbor listening to a homeless guy play the acchordian.

800,00 Euro- Plane ticket to Germany

Be married to my love. Live and learn from my mistakes. Being terrified. Crying. Laughing at Christoph. Laughing with Christoph. Taking care and cooking for a man who would otherwise buy himself only Nutella and bread. Learning German. Writing in my blog. Reading. Laughing with friends. Laughing at Christoph. Talking about how I don't have any friends. Crying. Yelling at Christoph. Slamming the door. Leaving to buy wine and accidentally bought Champagne instead. Saying I am sorry a million times. Learning how to respect and love unconditionally. Talking to Mom on skype. Crying with my Mom on Skype. Happily crying with Christoph thinking about how we can grow old together. Complaining about the long days. Making dinner. Watching the Office. Laughing together. Reading our Bible every morning together. Being excited for our new business. Being excited I get to work again. Shopping once again for another apartment. Crying. Thinking all is meaningless. Finding hope in Christ. Doing Billy Blanks in the small section of our living room that I have to work out in. Buying grocery's. Hanging out till 1:30 am drinking wine and talking with friends. Freaking out about money. Rejoicing about even having money. Talking about getting a dog. Deciding we didn't want a dog after all. Had no money. Never seeing the sun for two weeks. Today I saw the sun. Tomorrow I probably wont. Who cares. My parents are coming to see me....

Living life-Priceless

Ok, scratch that it's really cheesy. Only if I had come up with it instead of the Visa Card company.



♥ Katinka said…
OMG! I can't believe I finally found a blog of an American who married a German :)
I'm German and in a relationship with an american. My boyfriend thinks about moving to Germany. Anyways, I thought I'd leave you a comment and say hello. Wish you all the best and a merry christmas :)
Jesie said…
hilly, as I read through your writing here, it seems so "you". I just in the last few moments finished watching that film julie and julia. I think you have seen it. It reminded me so much of you. Living in a foreign land, cooking food, the blogging. The whole thing. It made me miss you dearly. I love you.
C. A. Madge said…
THanks for expressing whats in your heart and head here. I'm also an "Ami" in Germany with my German husband, and too my infinite gratitude he helps me through so really sad days (and lots of happy ones too). For me it is belief in self and connectedness to others, in every way that was shaken the hardest with my move over. It was just good for my soul to hear your story. So again, thanks.

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