In attempts to keep our baby name a secret until his birth, the very opposite has happened. First it slipped with some friends, because one very lovely Polish girl got very nosey when she came to visit. I said to her, "I can't tell you because you will probably accidentally write on facebook, 'how is little.......doing?' and I accidentally actually said his name out loud to her. Then it slipped, well maybe not slipped my lips but rather slipped my mind that I should not be telling my parents without Christoph present. Then it slipped his mind when we were eating lunch with his parents, and his response to my "Hey what are doing!" was "Well, you told your parents." Then we had to tell my brother and his wife of coarse, which led to us having to tell all of the rest of the Gruener family realizing that our need to be fair in this situation overcame the fact that his name will no longer be a secret.
I am normally very good in keeping secrets, especially other peoples, but when it comes to my secrets well I think I have the right to tell my own secrets I guess. I need to work on that.

A series of unfortunate events just occured in the past couple days. One, my brother and his wife( my very own little piece of America) left me from visiting in Germany for a couple days. Two, I am now sick in bed after I just had the longest "conversation" with my husband about how I need to set some actual goals for this year and get my butt in gear instead of playing sad little prego house wife. I agreed in a my stubborn little way and was fully prepared to get out there and make some genuine goals. Here are some of them.

1. Finish my stupid book that I never seem to want to finish.
2. Get out of the house a little bit and hang out with people.
3. Read a lot of books
4. Practice my German for 2 hours a day
5. Translate, read and understand a German book. I started that one yesterday and so far this orphan kid has found a carrot in his soup. It takes longer than I thought to read a book in a different language.
6. Practice a lot more piano
7. Work out.....I hate this one right now

I have many other ideas as to what I should be doing, but actually doing them has proven to be a bit more difficult. You see, when a little human is growing inside of you it has a side affect called....emotional laziness. That comes with emotional breakdowns, emotional fights, emotional complaining, emotional eating, emotional rationalizations. I am basically an emotional nutcase. There's nothing I can really do about it though. I just wished my mother would have warned me.

As to an update on what is happening with our finding a needle in a haystack of a building for our kitchen business, I will give you the lowdown. As I am writing this very phrase, Christoph is in a meeting with the "chief" of Germany's Bultaup representatives. Meaning....We will find out in the very near future if we get this building or whether it is suitable or not, and when the store will open. This was a bitter sweet realization. Bitter being, if all goes well that means America is years down the road if ever, and sweet because I know God is in control and it feels pretty good to trust Him with our future. The verdict is in.

This is just one small part in Hillary Gruener learning how to live and let go. There are some old jars I have held onto a little past their due date, but I'm ready to buy the new jars. Now it's just a matter of picking out the new jars. That made sense in my mind.

3 more months!! 3 more months and this baby inside of me will pop out like a champagne cork on new years eve and a great many things will happen from there. I am counting down the days.

Oh and you're probably wondering why I put a picture of a goat on here. It's only that I love goats and I think you should too. If I had to give birth to an animal I would want it to be a goat. But it's better that humans give birth to humans.


ciscoasturias said…
Thank you for your honest and very entertaining blog. Remember you have a lot on your plate with preparing for the birth of your baby goat. Be kind to yourself. The german will come soon enough.

Blessings Cisco

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