Auf Wiedersehen!!!!

Today's the day we move, and how I found time to write in my blog I have no idea. In about two hours we have some help from friends and family to get this party on it's way to Ulm. Our stuff has doubled in the past 6 months, mostly because of my clothes gradually being shipped with my poor parents and their luggages.

Christoph is still slumbering away, and I am too jittery the get a wink more in. One of Christoph's favorite things to do is sleep...He is just like a new born baby. I think it's a German thing too, like one time I tried to wake up his brother Phillip to come eat dinner (It was like 1:30pm) and I will never in my life attempt something lik this. I have never heard him sound so angry...justa like a bear woken from hibernation.

Although, poor Christoph has to put up with some pretty rediculous sleep behaviors from me. Sometimes in the night when I have dreams that he was a jerk to me, I wake up and hit him with my fist, turn around and go back to bed. Apparently this happens a lot, but I only remember some of the times. I'm sorry but my dreams are sometimes so real it wouldn't matter if really happened or not, at that moment he deserves a smack. Now he knows to say..."What did I do this time?"

Thursday night was a sad night. Some of my new favorite people and us got together, ate some risotto, drank some wine, and just enjoyed one last night. It was absolutely wonderful. Last night Christoph said something, and I believe it is a German saying..."To leave Hamburg makes one eye smile and one eye cry."..(.then Benni and I actually tried that....It looks pretty funny)
But seriously it is this way exactly. The people we have met here, the people at my school, the people on the streets (Like 19 cent guy), have all been apart of something so dear to my heart. Unfortunately, looking forward has always been a struggle for me, so i am trying to keep my head up, accept some more change, and start again in Ulm.

One thing I am sure of though. Everything in life happens for a reason. The people we meet, the places we go, the kombucha's we spill, all happen for a purpose that is so much bigger than we can know. I am so delighted in the fact that God uses all of us to bless and to help one another. So....friends of Hamburg you know who you are, you will be greatly missed and you have made an impact in my life more than you know.

Tschuess Hamburg, Tchuess language school and all of my crazy teachers, Tschuess metro station and all of the wonderful people watching. Tschuess tiny little moths that fly around our apartment and we thought were gone. Tschuess diaper couch, and coffee stained carpet. Tschuess little shelf above the toilet that always shifted and let all of my lotions and perfumes drop down into the toilet. Tschuess stupid bed. Tschuess to the Schanzestrasse and all of it's awesome Cafe's and shops. Tschuess carzy people I encountered on the street. Thank you all for giving me so much to write about. Tschuess wonderful new friends. Tschuess to you all! I will miss you!


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