Crooked walls

Well, after hard work and a lot of decision making we are finally staying at our new place! I am going to post pictures soon, because I want you to see how gorgeous our place is. I have never in my life ever imagined living in a cute little newly renovated house that is older than America, in the most beautiful part of Germany. We get two great features in one....The feeling of an old unique building that is hundreds of years old, and the newly renovated inside so that nothing is falling apart. It's fantastic! The walls are all crooked because they just covered the old walls with new walls. And what makes it really special, is they left one wall open with the old wall, and you can see all of the old stone shingles from the olden days. You will see it better in all of the pictures soon. The problem is, it's currently a huge mess right now so no pictures for a bit still.

Well, just wanted to let you all know we are finally at our destination. We only had one injury, Christophs pinky finger. He rushed to bandage the scratch up with a band-aid before any permanent damage was done. Ok, so I have to write about one more thing because it is hilarious but I know I will hear from Christoph later on.

You see Christoph was born with many "beauty marks" aka "moles" None are overbearing or weird, he just has a lot. Now if you know my husband, or any man for that matter, they are hypochondriacs. Oh man my spelling is at an all time low. Anyways, I hear almost every single day from him..."Is this a new mole? How does this one look? It looks different right?" Now if you go back a couple months it was all my fault in starting this new mole obsession. I simple said one time, "Make sure you get those checked every once in awhile." (Once every couple years is what I meant) Little did I know he would be self examining himself everyday asking me to be the diagnoser. I have no idea what moles should look like, and even if I did I am not a doctor!

I love you Christoph, and I love that you are the way you makes me smile:) I will delete this blog entry if you so wish:)


jojo said…
try connecting all of them and see if maybe he is a walking color-by-number. this way you can always track the changes :D
Jesie said…
moles are no laughing matter. unless you and I are together to see them. In thatc ase thats exactly what they are, a laughing matter

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