What makes the clock go round?

This week we leave Hamburg...and today for the first time in awhile it has been sunny all day. I feel uncomfortable about it, some of the reasons being my kitchen and all of it's discusting bacteria breeding places are now illluminated. Haven't seen that yet. But thankfully on Saturday we are on our way, into our very own place, our very own kitchen, and our new life.

Gos has blessed us in so many ways here. Besides getting to know each other on a new level...aka being married, we have made some wonderful friends and have experienced what living in a big city was like. I can't say it's my favorite, but it sure was a good experience.

Sven comes on saturday to take back the apartment. It will be interesting to see what he has to say about all the dishes I broke, the coffee stained carpet, and his broken lamp. I can't see him being upset mostly because everything here is old and almost broken anyways. We'll see. I hope we get our deposit back.

To say the least I have had some pretty interesting interactions/experiences with the Hamburgers. Let's just sum things up. There was all of the people who have approached me not knowing my response would be awkward and somewhat confused.There was the time I fell on some guys lap in the metro. Oh, and I won't ever forget seeing that woman get hit by a car. That very same day I thought my wallet was stolen, but it showed up in my bag just yesterday. Good thing because I almost filed a police report for a stolen wallet that was really hiding in an almost invisible pocket in my backpack. Oh, and let's not forget the incident with the Kombucha at the grocery store the other day. Right in the check out area of the grocery store my new bottle of kombucha flew out of my bag and exploded all over the floor and onto some guys shoes. Everyone was starring at me. My first thought, "What am I going to say in German?" Second thought.."Just say you're sorry." so I did. I apoloized profusely and then continued to try and clean up the mess I had made by picking up the shattered glass. Before I knew it, the chashier lady was yelling at me in German, so there was nothing left to do but....leave. I left. I had already had a pretty awful day and this just put the frosting on the already burned cake. What an interesting experience, living here. But all in all it was a time i will never forget, and I'm sure I will always look back after I am fluent in German and say...."Wow, I was pretty rediculous." Not in a sense that I was stupid, just that everytime I walk outside I feel misplaced and terribly alone. I know I shouldn't feel this way because it's pretty silly, but it's just a fact when you live in a foreign place. It's get's better day by day.

One more thing...Today during break at school I went to the reception office to ask a question. I took a glance at the clock because I had to be back in about 2 minutes. The time said 2:58pm on the hand clock. Two minutes later I looked back at the clock and it was winding around at record speed and was already at about 4:30 and still ticking. It was so strange I have never seen anything like it. When the lady at the reception finished talking with the other person, she then helped me. Before she said anything I told her something was wrong with her clock. She stared at it for a bit, and turned around so confused. By that time it said it was 8:00. So, I'm not a supersticious person about these things, but I couldn't help but think...."Do I have some sort of power I am unaware of?" Ok for like a split second I thought that, but really how often does a clock just after you look at it start freaking out and do about 30 seconds per second untouched? It was freaky.


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