"da hanna"

This week I am all alone. Well, not all alone. I am in Gerstetten with Chritoph's family until he gets back from his business trip to Munich. We came down a couple days before he left and searched for our new apartment which left no time really for blogging or down time. But we found the perfect place, signed up for it, and then the Realtor called us and said that the owner has changed his mind and now he wants to live in it. It felt like last week when I got caught trying to eating a glutenous cookie. I was just about to take a delicious bight, and thought I was in the clear but then out of nowhere a mean man came in and stopped it all from happening. That mean man was Christoph, and this mean man is the owner of the apartment building. And what a delicious cookie it would have been.

I guess God has something else in plan for us. This weekend we will venture out again and see what we find. The good news is, we are in the clear from the Bulthaup business to go ahead and get the building for it in Ulm. This is huge people. That means our business starts up sooner than later.

I like so many other times have decided to follow in my sister footsteps and start back trying to eat gluten again. I am getting really sick of eating cottage cheese and peanut butter rice cakes. I think I am going to be really prepared on what to feed my kids someday because I feel like I eat toddler food now. It's unusually once a month around "that" time I decide in my head to eat gluten again. It's just this time Christoph actually gave up and said, do whatever you want. Before I had to sneak it.
This is my theory, or at least was. I would get so sick from eating gluten when I did because I was at such a loss for it and would crave it to the point of no return, I would eat my own body weight in it and therefore get so sick...not from eating gluten, but from eating too much. After eating little bits of gluten throughout the day, I thought it may work to get it back into my system. Well, last night I ate a piece of bread with nutella on it. Delicious! But here's the problem, if you would have walked into my room last night or even this morning, you would have dropped dead right there. Not good. So the gluten eating thing is a no go until next month at least.

I think I am going to get tested at the doctor, because if I had a doctors order that I could not eat it, or that I could eat it, I would be more likely to follow the rules. Prescribing myself has been something I've been doing for a long time, and now that I actually have insurance I might as well use it.

I also just found out from a friend that the Swebian word for "here" is "da-hanna." Swebian is a dialect that the southern Germans speak in, kinda like the south in the States saying Ya'll. So "here" in Swebish is "da-hanna" instead of just "da." My mother in laws name is Hanna, so you can see how I have been very confused when they would always be saying "da hanna" and I always thought they were talking about Hanna. When Hanna would say "da hanna" I would get even more confused thinking, "I wonder why she is always using her name when she is talking about herself?"
I can see now how German's get confused with the Southern accent in English.

I am more than happy that I am not alone in Hamburg right now. Up there I would probably start setting the table for Velvie (my cat) and I, and tell her what new words I have learned in German. After that we would enjoy a glass of wine together, maybe play some cards, and then finish reading my book "A long way down" before we hit the hay. Here I actually have my wonderful new family to keep me company. I think my mother in law Hanna is one of the funniest and most creative people I know. Yesterday she tried her best to show me how things are done on her end of the business, which in the future will be a lot of what I do to. She taught me what she could for now, and then sat me down with a delightful project that I never knew would be something that I would enjoy so much. Cutting stitches from a duvet cover. She is so creative. When something is too small, or doesn't work she takes it apart, turns it around, and puts it back together again. Nothing like what I do in America. If it doesn't work, throw it away or keep it in the closet, and get a new one.
Who would have known that I love to cut stitches so much. Apparently Hanna does it for liesure and not just because she has to. I think this may be me someday. Christoph better watch out that I don't cut all of the stitches on his clothes when he isn't looking.


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