Disappearing Fringe

Sometimes I get carried away with cutting my own hair. When I became a hairstylist the first thing I wanted to do was create something I loved on my own head. This is good in moderation, but I practice moderation in moderation. Meaning my hair starts getting shorter and shorter in regards to a) my emotions b) my feelings and c) what I see on TV, a magazine, or what I don't see in the mirror that day. One time when I was living on my own I watched this strange movie with Kierra Knightly in it. She was a bounty hunter, sorta like Dog the Bounty hunter but not really. She had a sassy short hair cut, and because I wanted to look just like her I decided right there and then, my pretty long hair at that time would need to be chopped and pronto. If I hadn't thought it through more I would have ended up doing it myself, but I thought it through and a friend did it for me the next day. Since I have learned to be more rational and responsible when it comes to making decisions about my hair, and because long hair is nice sorta, I have had self control in this area. It used to be that if I wanted to be blonde, then it would happen either that day by bribing my friend to do it, or I would do it myself. When I got married things had to change because Christoph along with every other male being on this planet, like's long hair. Hence my fringe, or what most non hairstylists call bangs are in danger of some real damage because they are the only thing I can cut some legitimate length off of.

In this case it all started out as a experiment. Christoph said I would look good with a full thick fringe, so I tried it. Everyday since then I think I have cut at them a little bit almost every week if not every day. Now they are the shortest they have been in a while. If I put my hair just right, at a certain angle I look like I have a mullet. It's not horrible, I just know when I have gone a little too far. I think that if every women was a hairstylist, men wouldn't even know what long hair was. In fact, I don't think they would even know that woman's hair grew past her ears. Emotional instincts kick in when a woman doesn't feel right about her hair. This is why so many of my past clients came in just for me to fix their fringe. They had some emotional problem, didn't like the way they looked and punished their bangs for it. I had one lady who always cut at her hair with a leg razor, and one side of her hair was always thinner and shorter because of it. If you think about it, your hair is the first thing you change when you want instant satisfaction. Now it seems that botox and face lifts are on that list as well. I think I will stick to my fringe if I want to change something. They always grow back.

I'm going to an aerobics class tonight. I haven't been to one of those since I was in my mothers belly. I hope it's hard because the most exercize I've been doing is bringing my fork to my mouth, brushing my teeth, and typing on the computer. Lazy days.


Anonymous said…
You silly fringe cutter! No wonder we're related. I love keeping my fringe looking spiffy, even if I have to do it myself...i think you knew that! But, I've always said, if you have awesome bangs it doesn't matter what the rest of the hair looks like! mom
Lynda said…
Yeah,.. comments working!
I am soo with you. I have been known to cut my own hair when feeling a little emotional.. I think I do it well, but other people tell me years later that it looked crazy!

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