Diaper couches and cotton chompers

Our couch smells like a lingering fart. We discovered this playing cards while sitting on it, and I was thinking to myself, "I don't remember farting, that's strange." Leaning back and forth trying to figure out where this rotting milk smell was coming from, my nose found its way to the couch seat cushion. I will have you know that this is not our couch, but has been a series of people's couches over the past years. You see, the apartment is rented with all of the furniture already in it, which makes this situation a bit awkward. I know I have already spilled about 10 cups of coffee on it, so if the person who lived here before us drank milk instead of coffee then I can see how the couch would smell like diaper. There could also be a couple other options to consider being this is something that people sit on, but I would rather stop my mind from going there. There are many interesting things we have discovered upon living in someone else's apartment. I like to snoop in Sven's thing's quite often. I will admit to that. It keeps me entertained and I believe I am entitled to it. When we rented this apartment we rent everything in it, so I incline to believe that includes all of the things in it.

In addition to spilling 10 cups of coffee on the couch I have also spilled about 10 cups on the rug. The light beige colored rug, that is not ours is now covered in brown spots. We have fabricated an idea of soaking the entire rug in coffee so it would all be the same color. Sven would never notice....the look of it anyway. The smell I am not so sure he would disregard. Somehow though he disregarded the fact that his couch smells like baby diaper, so maybe Sven isn't as bright as I thought.

We also killed his house plants. We had a moth problem. Don't get me wrong, I like moths. I feel bad for them. It's hard to live up to butterflies especially when you fly so awkwardly and out of control, unlike butterflies that look like peaceful feathers floating in the wind. But unfortunately these little winged cotton chompers had to be done away with. The plants were the only thing we could think of where they were coming from, so we put those ugly house plants out on our balcony. The cold got the best of both of them. The plants and the moths. Too bad. We still see a moth floatin around here and there, but now the cat takes care of that.

Christoph the other day pronounced the word apostrophe the way it really should sound. It sounded something like this. Apo- strophy. It was a delight to my ears.

New Years came fast this year, but also extremely slow. It seemed fast probably because I sometimes feel like this whole year was a blur and I floated along in the waves, and slow because most days are filled with endless hobbies waiting for my husband to get home. But none the less it has been both a blessing and an exciting time for me to say the least.

This New Years was different from any other New Year I have experienced. I will never forget Y2K. Thinking back it is strange that I was only 12 years old and I extremely wanted the world to either end, or everything would stop working like they said it might and my family would be stuck together in our little basement eating Ramen Noodles for the rest of our lives. I loved my family and could see nothing wrong with this scenario. But as you all know, neither of those occurred and ten years later here I was, in Germany celebrating New Years with a new set of people, wearing European boots, married to a European, drinking European champagne on the road side(very European), and freezing by a European lake. You see, fireworks are only shot off on New Years here. So we meandered our way to the closest lake with a beautiful display of fireworks to entertain our eyes, popped open a bottle of bubbly, and made a toast to the New Year. Prior to this new experience we enjoyed a delicious dinner of shrimp with a garlic sauce, chicken on sticks, cream potatoes, and many other creative orderves prepared by my sister in law. Fabulous experience that came about from marrying into a new wonderful family.

There is another New Years that comes to mind at this moment. I believe it was three years ago on a snowy New Years eve. My best friend and I attended a party we left early because we were both single at the time, and seeing all of the glorious couples made us feel sad and lonely so we left to go do New Years on our own. During these days of our lives we confided in each other, and on this particular night we decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary. We hadn't seen our old high school history teacher in quite some time. She was our favorite teacher. In high school we would always give her a hard time, playing pranks on her and those kinds of things. She was a good sport about it. We decided to pay her a visit being as she lived on her own. We showed up on her front porch with a bunch of random things we bought at Wallmart, talked to her a bit about politics, Obama and how much she hated him I think(I kinda phased out during that time because I felt like I was in her class room again), and then wished her a happy New Year and were on to our next adventure. Drinking tea by the Telly was our next best idea. I know it sounds lame, but to us this seemed like the grown up thing to do. After all we were nine-teen years old now.
Watching as the ball dropped in NYC we looked at each other, made a toast with our tea mugs, and started laughing. At that moment we were completely content with our lives, and would have not minded growing old doing these things forever even if that meant staying single. Then that moment passed as quickly as the New Year came.
I just realized I combined about 3 holidays into one, telling that story. My memory fades and I get things mixed up. I am not going to correct it, but just know that all of those things did happen in the time period of a couple years. I think the visit to the teacher's house was actually on Thanksgiving and not New Years. I can't remember.


Happy New Year everyone!


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