Flying off the handle!

I'm not a huge tea drinker. Never have been. I still drink it of coarse and I'll tell you why but the truth is I just don't really like it. It's good for you, especially green tea which is why Asians always look so good. It can be good if you add loads of cream and sugar, but that's only pertaining to black and Roibous teas. Herbal teas besides mint teas are on my never get list. I have always been a coffee drinker and always will be. Ever since I was old enough to read was when I had my first cup of coffee and a million cups later i still enjoy my 2 morning cups of Joe. Coffee doesn't lie. Upon smelling it, you have a pretty good idea of what it will taste like. With tea, you get a flavor like chocolate vanilla cream that smells exactly like chocolate vanilla cream, then expect to be tasting something with a thousand calories in it like chocolate vanilla cream. It get's me every time I taste it. It's as though you took a sliver of chocolate, 1/100 portion of vanilla, a drop of cream, and added it to a quart of hot water that always burns your tongue. It's unacceptable. They should label tea, "Almost taste's like vanilla cream" or "Smells just like apples and cinnamon, but tastes like water." With coffee, you can add cream, or chocolate, or sugar, or anything really, and the coffee just enhances what is put in it. There is even coffee flavored ice cream, and chocolate. You wouldn't have tea flavored ice ream now would you. I do guess tea is good for a couple of things. It's not so much the flavor that matters more than the warmth of the watered down vanilla taste easing my sore throat. When sick, there is really only one thing that does the trick. Tea. If I drank coffee while sick, I might as well be puffing on a cigarette too. In social situations tea also comes to mind as helpful and sophisticated. While it is not the most succulent drink it still serves it's purpose.

Take for example a late night out with friends at a cafe. You get there around 10 because no one in Europe goes out earlier than 9 really. You sit down and if your in good company you think, ok this may take about 2 hours so I'm good to get something with a little bit of caffeine so I can stay awake until 12 or 1 when I go to bed. So you get the first drink. "I'll have a diet coke please."
11 o'clock comes around, the conversation is good, you really have to pee from the coke already so your not sure whether to get another drink. Wine makes me irritable and emotional this late so that's a no go. I am allergic to beer so I wouldn't want to be holding in my gas the rest of the night. Decaf coffee doesn't exist in Europe. Finally I decide to get another drink. There's nothing left but tea. Unfortunately I always get caught off guard with ordering another drink so I am rushed and end up ordering something I didn't want. When this happens I get mint because it's real simple to say in German. Mint is ok, but Roibous is better. Mint just makes my nostrils tingle.

Ok so I don't know how I got off on that tangent.
The other day I flew off the handle. I don't know what really happens when I fly off the handle only that I know I am flying off the handle. I immediately get confused, clouded, angry, hyper, frustrated, stressed. It's as though everything I have worked for is gone and there is nothing left. I believe that is exactly my problem. Everything I worked for consists of manipulating a situation to turn out just the way I wanted it to. Ok, maybe that's not all I've worked for. It's just that recently I am seeing that everything I do out of my own effort is useless. It's like trying to figure out how to fix your transmission on a busy highway all on your own. You know that you should just call someone who actually knows what they are doing but you decide you want to figure it out on your own. Of coarse you never would. You would just be frustrated and angry while all of the working cars sped by. My point here is that I cannot fix myself. I cannot control my surroundings anymore than the next person. Sure, I can control my own actions but what good will that do when I am....flying off the handle. Let's consider the meaning of this sentence "flying off the handle." Strange thing to take interest in but I really didn't know what this meant until two minutes ago when I wrote that I had been flying off the handle without real knowledge of what it actually meant. I just always used it in sentences to describe that I had lost it. Here is what Google says.

Lose self control
This is an American phrase and it alludes to the uncontrolled way a loose axe-head flies off from its handle. It is first found in print in Thomas C. Haliburton's The Attaché; or, Sam Slick in England, 1843/4:
"He flies right off the handle for nothing."
Haliburton was an inventive writer and had a hand in the coining of several commonly used phrases:
"Ginger up"
"Won't take no for an answer"

Ok so Haliburton is an inventive writer. I wonder if he actually experience his axe-head flying off it's handle and something horrible happened like it killed his dog. Maybe that's why he made it a saying instead of "I'm a brick through a glass window!" or "I am a hot pot of coffee!" Both of those things are uncontrolled too.
I wish I came up with some catchy phrase that everyone say's. Maybe someday I will think of one more clever than "flying off the handle."

So maybe if your trying not to eat sweets but you run into a situation where you are at someone's house for dinner and you really want to eat that cheesecake, you could just yell out. "I'm flying off the handle!"
I guess it could work in that situation too.

I like it, and I think I'll start saying it more.

Ok, I'm rambling too much today. I'm sick in bed and I feel sorry for myself so I am going to stay here the rest of the day.


Anonymous said…
I have some good sayings for you that have stuck in my brain: "People want to hear only what they want to here"--that tends to be true; "it's so cold we're freezing our butts off"--picture butts falling off people in the cold; ....Dad
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