About puzzles...

Do you ever wonder, why life sometimes is so random?
Sometimes I feel like an ice bear stranded on a small iceberg in the middle of the arctic ocea. Only that I'm stranded on a puzzle piece in a huge cardboard box with millions of other puzzle pieces. And the only way out is to figure out the puzzle. But luckily that's just a feeling. And not reality. And luckily I'm not as white as an ice bear.
This summer sometimes felt like I was sitting on a puzzle piece not knowing what the heck was going on in the ocean of puzzle pieces. But truely the one thing that kept me going through all this is the knowledge that our God has a plan for all this.
So wether my fiancée left and wouldn't come back or wether she just needed some time to figure things out. Either way knowing that the puzzle piece I'm sitting on will make sence at some point in the future keeps me going. And if that means that I have to wait until the end of time. Fine by me.
I know, the puzzle analogy is older than me. But I really like it. Because I really do think that in the end, we'll all be able to look at the puzzle of our life and know that every piece has it's rightful place. Every part of our life that seems entirely random has a place in this big picture...
I know, writing this seems so easy. It seems like I've got nothing to worry about anyways and being healthy and happy makes it easy for me to say all this. But in all realitiy, even the moment I dropped Hillary of at the airport in Munich. Not knowing where this was all going. Not knowing if I was going to see her again. Not knowing how I could deal with US not being an US anymore. But even in that moment I didn't doubt that the ice berg I was sitting on had to get to a shore somewhere sometime and I was going to have real ground under my feet again.


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