Die Deutschen and other activities

I am still here, trying to find time to hang out with wonderful people before I head back again to Germany. This time it's for good, just so you all know. No more haircuts.

Packing will be interesting since now fall is approaching us, I will no longer be needing my summer clothes.

I feel like I have lost all creativity in writing today....maybe it was the long drive to Denver.

I'm not sure how my parents are going to survive without me now. I just started to get them put back together from being gone the first time. If I'm not cooking, they eat frozen pizza, and hot dogs since my mom has a full time job now. After partying out late on the weekends with their friends they come home drunk off of tea and didn't even bother to check in. They aren't cleaning their room, or doing laundry. It's all fun and games for them I guess. I had to scold them for coming home at 11:30 the other night! Outrageous. I was at home, slaving away over the dishes and laundry and they had the nerve to tell me I should have come. I should have come! Who then would take care of the household.? Poor Harley (the dog) is gaining weight from emotional eating because his mother has been neglecting him. Who knows what will happen to him when I am gone.

I am just kidding of coarse. It has actually been a pleasure taking care of them. I baked them some German food tonight to get them ready for, "The Germans." That is what we call Christoph's family. I wonder if they call us "The Americans." I don't know, but I do know that we have some pretty adventurous endeavors planned for them when they come to the USA. I just hope they are okay with skydiving, marathons, deer hunting, and fast food. That should keep them pretty busy. My dad and I are going to take them fishing. I told him that when he caught a fish, he should bite it's head off with his teeth right after taking it off the line and then say to the Germans, "That's how we do it in America."

I can't wait to have them here. I am hoping that Colorado Springs, home of Dog the Bounty Hunter is everything they hope it will be. It will be exciting to show them where I have grown up, and lived most of my adolescence.

My friends, raise your glasses to the interlinking of the Deutsch and Americans for the wedding of the century!!!


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