Rainy day airports

We gave it a shot. If we came out alive, great if not we knew all along that God was in control. Realizing that a relationship an ocean away would be a bit difficult, Christoph decided to come to the states, and attend another bible school. This one would be longer, and a bit more intense than the one in Austria we met at.
He arrived at DIA after about a two month skyping catastrophe. We don't do too well with skype. It was strange seeing him come out of the door labeled "Internationals." I remember thinking to myself, 'you bet he is International, look at that beautiful German who is all sexy carrying his snowboard like some mountain man, hey everyone come look at my new love. You can't find this breed on American soil' Yeah it went something like that. I was so proud of him. Now looking back, we barely new each other. My perception of him is completely different now. Everyday we learn more about each other in a way I never thought I could know someone, or be known for that matter. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that this past year has made us grow leaps and bounds in more ways than one. There is one lesson I have learned since the day he stepped out of that door, and into my arms. I cannot know the future, all I can do is trust in an all knowing God.
There is something interesting about every time we either say hello or goodbye at airports. It is always raining. Not just a little percipetation, but downpours. I always feel like Holly Gollightly in the end of "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Only I'm not holding a cat, and we aren't awkwardly kissing after he tells me how screwed up I am.


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