The complexities that bond

Three more days, and I am there. Germany. Oh how I can't wait to be apart of your country. But even more than that, I can't wait to marry a citizen of yours.
Three more days, and I enter into a life of the mostly unknown. Its interesting not even knowing where you are going to be living your first 6 months of marriage. Somewhere in Hamburg. Could be in a box for all I know. I wouldn't long as it had heating and air conditioning, a bed, and a kitchen. A bathroom would be nice as well.

I have probably learned more in this past month than I ever have in my entire life. Life has reared it's ugly, yet beautiful head. It has taken a huge dump on my identity, and God has cleaned it all up, even before I could smell it. It's just so mind blowing to me knowing exactly why I had to come home. I wish I could explain to you all that has happened. All God has spared me from. How He is in control. How He protects me and cares for me, down to every last detail.

At this present time this is all I can really write about. God, and how He gets me every time. Every time I think I even know a pinch of what is going on. He gets me. And every time I come out of it a bit more trusting, accepting, and thankful.

Someone very wonderful and encouraging was having a conversation with me the other day. We were talk about engagement, and how long a person should be engaged. We both agreed...6 months is the best amount of time to be engaged. You have time to get excited, then doubt, then have a couple emotional breakdowns, then realize you could do nothing else but marry the most wonderful man who would stick with you through all of that....who you were, who you are, and who you someday will be.

I have also realized what a wonderful family I have. I realized it before, but circumstances sometimes bad one's, can take a family where they have never gone before. I could not have done this without them.

Here's to you family....I love you so very much. Thank you for just being there.


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