Melted feet

Hello friends.
Here we are. The countdown to the wedding of the century! At least in our eyes. When I am officially called Hillary Gruener, will be the day that I believe that this past year and a half has really happened to me. Hillary, a kind of big city girl who was raised in a Christian Republican household, started her career doing hair. After realizing she wanted a bit more for her life she embarked on an adventure to seek out and marry a European dashing, kind of young (twenty-seven) man, who does in fact resemble those old catholic photo's of what people used to think Jesus looked like. Christoph, a well educated German, whose work entails designing interiors of well to do people's homes, and businesses along side of his wonderful family in their family business. Now, it wasn't my intention to marry a European, although it did seem all so wildly romantic. No, it all just sorta fell into my lap. But not really. When we first met at Bible school a little over a year ago, I had to play hard to get of coarse. He totally fell for it, we painted a bit together, he made some ridiculous comments about my tattoos, he hid me from some creep from England who was stocking me, he tripped on a mountain side and made me him. Oh people, this was truly the beginning of something beautiful. After sleepless nights of wondering, and praying, and giggling, and dreaming of us sitting at the Mediterranean drinking wine as Christoph Junior builds a sand castles off in the distance, I came to a conclusion. I would give him a shot.
Sad to say all is not roses in this love story. Along the way there came some difficulties. Many of them lessons to learn in life and relationships, love and quarrels. It all goes to say that next blog I will reveal a bit more.
Oh, and did I mention? We are in LOVE!!!!!


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