swallows by the pool

Let's be honest with ourselves. We love Hillary's writing. Can you admit it? I could read that stuff for hours. I love it. But there is another side of the medal. And that is that this blog is called Hillstoph for a reason. It is supposed to have some of my thoughts in it, too. Now, writing next to someone that talented makes it a little challenging. I know, this is not a competition. She's my wife to be after all. But still, I wouldn't hang a piece by Andy Warhol next to some drawings of an infant on my wall. If that infant wasn't my own.
So I'll not be trying. I'm just gonna write. Whatever comes out.

The last weeks have been filled with a whole lot of nothing. My parents business is basically shut down for almost 3 weeks. But the showroom is still open.
Since my aunt is working the afternoons I have to be there from 10-12 in the morning. That also means, I have every afternoon for myself. The parents are on vacation, my brother Phillip is the only one around th
ese days. So our days are filled with sitting by the pool and watching movies hanging out with friends and well...nothing.

Oh yeah, and I had a little side project. I rebuilt my bike. Made a single speed out of my old 10 speed.

After years of sitting by the pool, one thing doesn't get old. Seeing the swallows dive into the water and get back out. You can see them fly
around really low at first but at a high speed. After two or three trys they
come down, slow down and dive in and maybe they take another dive right after. Even me being in the water doesn't seem to bother them much.

Now you can say what you want. But in a day filled with little to no excitement THIS is a highlight. Seeing those birds you start to wonder how the heck they get out of the water again...I could sit there all day and watch them. At nightfall it's the bats who start doing the same thing...but appearently they're not as talented. Last week I found a small bat in the pump. Dead.


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