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Sorry to everyone who tried to either post a comment or read anything other than a post on our page. I just figured out how to switch it to English. Now that I have that fixed, you may make comments to your little hearts desires.
In a little over a month I will be legally married. It a month and a half, I will be "officially married." I wish it would come tomorrow, but not really cause I want my arms a bit more toned. Now of coarse when you go to a wedding all you hear about is just how wonderful everything is, how the bride and groom are just so in love and everything is perfect. The way the bride and groom look at each other with googlie eyes, you would love to think this marriage will last forever. Well, what happens before and after the wedding is probably only known by a select few within the family, and close friends. Here's a couple examples of what can happen before a wedding. It could be the bride and groom had a falling out over the salad bowl, or silverware. Maybe the honeymoon ended up getting called off completely because the bride wanted to sit on a pretty beach, and the groom just wanted to surf. Perhaps the diamond was taken in and out of the ring several times because the bride kept changing her mind on whether or not she wanted to get married. Perhaps the wedding was called off for a bit. Maybe she flew home from Germany to sort things out. I exaggerated some of those, but these things do happen. And don't say you were struggle free in preparation of your wedding. I think many brides have been on the verge of mental breakdowns before strutting down the aisle. It's only that my struggles have been a bit more out in the open, seeing as I did fly all the way home again. It's been delightful seeing peoples faces when they see me knowing that I should be in a far away land. I am not going to say exactly why I am back, only that I find marriage a very important and permanent decision and it was just a different way of doing it for me. Along with this decision came a whole new life. New language, new friends (although I will always keep the old ones), a new home. A decision of a lifetime. And the person making that decision likes to analyze the hell out of everything. Me. When Christoph and I first met and started talking about what we wanted in life, it started out very differently. He wanted to live in California, work as an architect, and maybe someday be involved in ministry, start a church...who knew. I on the other hand, never saw myself in California. I thought it to be fake. It's only a matter of time before the trees won't even be real there. Sorry babe, I know you like California:) I just saw myself somewhere else. I didn't know where, but I was still open to whatever, just hoping it wasn't California. I guess I was just waiting on God to change Christoph's mind. Christoph had now been up a bible school for about a month, and I will never forget it. I remember praying that God would change one of our hearts. That we would only want what He had planned for our lives. The very next day, Christoph came into the salon to get his bush head hair cut, and he told me he was sorry about being so set on the future. He wanted to be open to anything that God would lead us to do. Little did he know how excited I was on the inside. That I had prayed so hard for this. It was in that moment, I knew God has us together for some reason that was bigger than I could even imagine at the time. Prayer after prayer, and moment by moment, God has only shown me how trustworthy He is. I will say He has a funny way of doing it, but none the less He always has a reason.
Today I learned something very important. The woman has a whole lot more control than she thinks in a relationship. Men want a woman to respect them. They want someone to stand by their side no matter what, supporting them and back them up. I was listening to a podcast of a guy who spoke up at my bible school in Austria last spring. His name is Chris Thomas. He is the son of a very important man who started the Torchbearer chain of bible school's of which Christoph and I have both attended. Major Ian Thomas. He was a great speaker, leader, and man of God, but along with those things came a huge responsibility taking time from his home life. I won't quote Chris exactly, but he was talking about his mother. Major Ian Thomas's wife. She was a woman who submitted herself to her husbands God given talent, supporting him, never grumbled or complained, even though her task was difficult. Supporting an important man, who was in many ways absent to her, and his kids. She simply lifted him up, and so left her kids to appreciate their father, despite his shortcomings. Now, I'm not saying this is every one's situation, but I sure know that I can learn a lesson from this amazing woman. She stood by her husband through storms, trials, and testing. Never did she once complain, or wished she was doing something else. Years later her son is now lifting her up. Years later I see how amazing the impact this family has had in many people's lives. I am evidence of that. Christoph is as well. In the same way I hope I can stand by Christoph in every way possible. I know he will stand by me. Marriage is a beautiful sacrifice, and we both do it together for one purpose. In saying that, I would like to say to my wonderful husband to be, I am so proud of the man you have become, and I will support you no matter what. I love you.


Mommy pants said…
Lady be Good, your a beautiful daugther inside and out! Mommy pants

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