Simply complicated

How come I can make complicated desserts with rolling, and sifting, and chill that, and chop this. They turn out beautiful. But when it comes to simple Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies, it turns out to be one big flat burnt cookie. Maybe it's cause I forgot to put the love in. I had no love to give to those cookies today. I was too busy thinking too much.
Today I learned that the most wonderful things in life are sometimes the hardest things. I think if wonderful things were always wonderful, then they wouldn't be because they would be too easy. There would be no spice, or effort put into it. There would be no lessons learned. Just like these stupid cookies. They were too easy, and not enough too them. When making my desserts I prefer it to be a little challenging, then I learn more.
This can also be applied to excerisize, relationships, games, PMS.....everything that has anything to do with everyday life. I just threw PMS in there, but it doesn't really fit. Of coarse it would be our first choice for everything to be easy. What then would we learn though?
Now simplicity is something totally different. I wish everything were simple. I think it most everything is simple, I just make it complicated. The one thing that is always simple to me, that will always remain simple, and beautiful, is everything that has to do with God. His creation, His love, His sacrifice. These are the simple things you can depend on for all of the complicated things in life. These things never change. We do. His love for us will never change, our love does. Life when looked at through the eyes of God, is the most precious, simple and wonderful thing we could ever imagine. When I look at myself the way God does, I know I am beautiful, and unique just the way I am. When I look at myself through my own eyes, it is like looking in a broken mirror. When I look at the people through God's eyes, my love for them doesn't change because of a mistake they made or the fact that they are human, but it only grows. It is when I look at people through my own eyes, I see only what I want to see, and that is selfish. As this being the one simple thing I can appreciate, I still find a way to make it complicated.
So here's to looking at life through God's eyes.


Anonymous said…
I can't believe how talented you are in writing down your thoughts ! with these words you have created some really beautiful pictures in my mind !
thank you for sharing :) ! (jojo)

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