Dire Behavior

Bad habits. What do we do about bad habits. Where do they go when you get married? I know exactly where they go. After torchering you your entire life, they double up. Not only will you now experience bad habits your partner suffers from, but you have plenty to go around as well. Because I am not yet married, I think I have a bit more coming my way. I know I have a couple more to share. It's only a matter of time. I know you thought I was perfect, but come on I am only human. I will share only one of these bad habits I have with all of you, and you're lucky you are even getting one. Bad habits are hush hush you know, especially like the guy my parents and I saw driving down I 25 yesterday diggin for more than just gold, he was looking for the empire state building. His wife probably finds his stash every time she borrows his car.
Within the realm of bad habits, there are several categories. Addictive habits, nervous habits, involuntary habits, voluntary habits (those are the bad ones cause you can use these to really get to someone), and hereditary habits. I think that covers all of them, the bad habits anyway. Of coarse there are good habits, but I don't want to bore you with those. The habit I am going to talk about is an involuntary, nervous habit. Two in one. And the nervous part of it is the worst. You see, the more nervous and stressed I get, the more I do it. I'm a picker. Not a nose picker, but an eyebrow hair picker. Yes, if you look very closely at my eyebrows, on a very bad month, you will see that I have none but a few hairs left and it's mostly brow liner. Christoph has tried to help with this. Slapping my hand when he sees my reach for them. Yelling at me from across the way. "Don't do it, you will only regret it" I respond "But I have too! It's my only crutch!" Then I of coarse stop, and continue on to pull his eyebrow hairs out. I have asked him to be my accountability in this. I have tried everything to stop myself. Well, not everything. I guess I could join EA, Eyebrows Anonymous. Last month, I was almost down to the bone because of all the stress and anxiety. This month I have actually been able to grow them in a bit. My wedding preparation has been a win lose situation in this. While it drives me to pluck every last hair, I am hearing in the back of my head "Wanna look like an albino for your wedding?" No! Of coarse I don't. So I have had to forcefully let my precious eyebrows grow in. Every time I am distracted and stressed, I go for the eyebrows, because they are obviously what is causing all of this stress. But no, I have resisted, and they are doing quite well at the moment. People always have told me how perfect my eyebrows are. Ha! Well, now you know why, they were fake! So next time you see me, they will be real. For the most part.
Now that I have shared an embarrassing, and informative bad habit about myself maybe you feel comfortable sharing one of yours. I would love to hear them. Go on, comment away. If you do, then I will share one of Christoph's with all of you. :):):)


Jesie said…
I like your eyebrows. real or faux

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